Friday, October 4, 2013


This is A Nutritional Guide: Magazine Sexy at ANY AGE!
by Sarosh M. Quereshy, M.D.

I have been asked to write about my experience for quite a while because of the dramatic changes that my friends and family have seen in my appearance, as well as the joy that I
I now have for life. I can't tell you how fortunate I feel to have been inspired to take this path in my approach to life. I have been able to pass along my experience to the people I love. It's given me a sense of well-being, and self-confidence that I have never felt before.

Before I start, why this title? A year ago I was at a meeting and a friend of mine jokingly said, " If you keep this up you're gonna be magazine sexy in no time". At that time I was just trying get healthier but I liked the sound of it. It's a little tongue and cheek because I try to not take myself too seriously.

Let;s get started by dispelling several myths.The biggest one is"no pain no gain." (Translation: you have to kill yourself with excessive cardiovascular exercise and extreme nutritional deprivation to have a beautiful, healthy looking/feeling body. Another fallacy is in regards to the limitations of age. This is merely an excuse that middle age or old age is a preventing factor (I'm 51 and I did it). The third falsehood is that “my physical condition will not allow me to get the body I want”.

Two years ago I decided to try and learn all I could about nutrition and exercise. The search and implementation of what I have learned has yielded results that I did not dream were possible, ones that have changed my life for the better in terms of my fitness, appearance, and overall health. I'd like to share this information that with you. Why should you care or even choose to follow my advice?

Well, if you're content with the way you look and feel, then you probably don't need this. However, if you are like a lot of people over forty who are overweight, (or heck, even under forty) this could be of benefit to you.

Statistics show that obesity and its side effects such as diabetes, heart disease, strokes (as well as many other health problems) are on the rise in the US. Being overweight not only negatively effects people externally(appearance), but also internally, causing stress, sleep disorders, joint disease, and organ dysfunction. Current research also shows the strong correlation between professional/financial success and physical appearance.

Now if you watch television, (and who doesn't), you have seen the exercise program infomercials. Those exercise programs may seem to yield dramatic results, but in my opinion, they are too hard on the body as well as nearly impossible to maintain over an extended time period. If you are young and want to play a competitive sport or if you're training for a particular event, then those programs may be suitable for you. But if you are like I was when I started on this journey (struggling with aches and pains, with multiple health issues) those programs will be impossible to follow through. A friend of mine asked me to join her while she was doing one of those workouts and I worked out with her for a week. It was a struggle for my body to perform the complicated sequences of the maneuvers required to complete that exercise CD (not to mention all the physical discomfort afterward). It was rewarding to get through it, and to know that even at my age I could still do most of the exercises.  Unfortunately, the price was too great in terms of physical discomfort. The question then became "WHAT IS MY GOAL?" In the end, it is all about your personal goals. I simply wanted to look and feel better and to age gracefully. However, I did not want to kill myself to accomplish this. I give you my personal guarantee that with a minimal amount of exercise and a focus on the proper nutrition, anyone can have a Magazine Sexy Body. All you need is the formula that I am going to reveal to you.

So why take my advice? First, I already have done this for myself and completely transformed my own life. Up to this point, I have only shared this program with friends and family, who have unanimously verified its positive results. Now I am going to share this valuable insight with you. Second, I am a Sports Doctor (MD), I have trained in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Cornell Medical Center at The New York Hospital. Prior to that, I was a Family Medicine Physician at the North Shore University Hospital in Long Island. During my training and throughout my career, I have worked closely with professional athletes and celebrities in their post operative rehabilitation. After the completion of my specialty training, I served as the Medical Director of three Rehabilitation Centers in Upstate, NY.

Now that you've read up on my professional background, I want to share some personal information with you as well. In spite of my extensive medical knowledge and specialized training, I was heavy for all of my life, until I uncovered this formula. Up until this point, my strategy was to starve myself and exercise excessively.This was usually followed up by periods of binge eating. All that I wanted to do was to feel better about myself and this cyclical madness (binging and starving) somehow translated into the upside down way in which I ran things in all other aspects of my life. My life was pretty much a series of extremes, spending or saving, studying or partying, and loving or fighting (particularly with the people who loved me). I believe my primary dysfunction came from the basic insecurity of low self esteem. This pattern continued despite the financial success and professional distinctions that I earned.

I'm going to give you a brief health background  in order to show you that ANYONE can follow the plan that I'm going to share with you. I was born with an auto-immune disorder called Psoriasis, it usually causes an ugly painful rash and in some cases it leads to an inflammatory arthritis (PA). Well, I was lucky to get both. Then in 1994, I suffered a traumatic injury to my back which resulted in a complex spinal condition, consisting of nerve damage and a host of other related joint problems.  If this wasn't enough, in the early part of 2004, my Psoriatic rash spun out of control. For two years doctors could not accurately diagnose my skin condition, as it didn't look like anything they had ever seen. They speculated and gave it different names, and we tried all sorts of experimental medications. Finally, when after everything had failed, I was put on  steroids (oral corticosteriods, not the ones that give you muscles). As a side effect of those steroids, my health deteriorated further,  which resulted in kidney failure. Additionally, I suffered from anxiety, emotional pain and depression related to this constant and unyielding physical discomfort. Everything I was prescribed to manage these issues failed to relieve my pain or improve my condition.

My unmanageable health issues lead me to excessive drinking, in order to numb the pain. This eventually spiraled into full-blown alcoholism, which I seemingly masked (depending who you talk to) for years. Again, the ONLY reason I am divulging this personal information is to help the people who believe that their disabilities or limitations will prevent them from looking and feeling better about themselves. I want to help you improve the quality of your life. It is my mission to show you that  there is truly hope and I am the living proof of this!

This was a brief excerpt from my upcoming book which will be available on Your feedback is appreciated, please post a comment or question and I will do my best to respond, thank you and have a wonderful day!


  1. very inspirational! looking forward to reading your book when it's released!